At DUKE PRODUCT LINE, we find ways to make life easier, safer, and more beautiful. Our designs and ideas are rooted in how each of us lives and how to make life, our planet, our possessions, and our everyday lives better. Our ethics are based on sustainability, durability, availability, and minimizing environmental impact—innovative and efficient designs for everyone.

How can we solve a problem and make the solution affordable? Through intelligent engineering and design of our products, we draw people to them because they are simple, elegant, and practical solutions. These are our founding principles.

About the Creator and Designer

Matthias Herzog, Founder & CEO of DUKE PRODUCT LINE, believes collaboration is the answer to making new products and finding solutions to everyday problems. Trained in Switzerland as a Mercedes Benz Mechanic, computer technology, and earned an MBA, Matthias Herzog moved to the U.S. and has worked in all aspects of the solar energy industry, from project development to sales. Identifying, improving, and inventing new products is his passion.

Why Choose Us?


Crafting products that simplify and enhance daily life.


Industrial research for the easiest, most advanced way to design products to be used every day.


Quality materials and attention to details.

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